About Our Company

FGPS was established in 2000 to provide navigation post processing software and services to the seismic industry. We have expanded at a sustainable rate over the years and now count amongst our customers most of the seismic contractors and consultancies, as well as a number of exploration companies.

Our products comprise a suite of software programs designed to meet all the requirements of seismic navigation post processing, P2 to P1 and SPS, and data quality control, to a high technical standard. Our software is held in high regard by users who need to do more than just produce a result and equips them with the means to perform in-depth technical analysis.

Our First Line Quality Control service is used routinely by many seismic contractors, consultancies and exploration companies to provide comprehensive external auditing required in order to achieve the necessary level of confidence in the positioning of surveys and equipment.

Our personnel are highly experienced and qualified in their fields.


Team Members

Paul DowdCo-Founder and Managing Director

Paul is a co-founder of FGPS and the original author of FGPS software. He has been involved in the seismic industry since 1981, initially with Western Geophysical and Horizon Exploration. He has been providing independent Navigation and QC services since 1995 and started FGPS in 2000. Paul has a first class BSc (Hons) in Surveying and Mapping Sciences from the University of East London.

Robin PellattIT Development and Support

Robin joined FGPS in August 2011. He has a BSc in Information Technology and more than 20 years of software development experience in a variety of fields including mobile phones, automotive systems and desktop applications. Robin is responsible for software development and maintenance, software quality and technical support.

Sharon Brown  Company Secretary

Sharon joined FGPS in June 2012. She has a BSc in Estate Management and an MSc in Geographical Information Science. Sharon has 20 years of experience in teaching surveying and GIS at the University of East London. Sharon's responsibilities include customer liasion, finance, personnel and administration.

Everett CloessnerFLQC

Everett has a BSc in Marine Biology, and has worked in the seismic industry for over a decade. He has worked as a navigation data processor and chief navigator on 3D streamer, node, and USBL surveys, then moved on as a lead navigation data analyst and GIS technician. Everett joined FGPS in September 2022 as a contractor to provide FLQC services.