First Line Quality Control (FLQC)

FGPS provides a FLQC service with a turnaround time of 24 hours. This service is used by our customers in order to verify the navigation computer parameters, data quality and the integrity of the final deliverables (P2 and P1 datasets). Please contact FGPS for the full Scope of Service.

Line Quality Control (LQC)

LQC is a remote processing service to verify data quality by processing the contractor's P2 and comparing the resultant P1. LQC does not include the full parameter checks which are carried out as part of the FLQC service.

Data Processing

FGPS provides a post processing service for P2 to P1 processing tailored to customers' requirements.


FGPS provides an advisory service covering all aspects of navigation and positioning for seismic surveys.


FGPS provides training for all our software products at a time and location suited to our customers needs. These training courses can be augmented to cover geodesy and the least squares solution of survey networks.