The FGPS suite of software has been developed in the field and office using real data acquired by all the major geophysical contractors and under a multitude of configurations and conditions. In addition to the academically approved and accepted methods, the software employs proprietary algorithms and methods of data storage which enable optimum performance at low cost, without compromising the quality of the results obtained.

This software is available for lease or purchase, with full 24 hour technical support.

Choose the right products for your survey

  Streamer Positioning P2 to P1 OBC / OBN
Source Positioning P2 to Receiver Coordinate Computation First Break Picking
SPS P1 Using Acoustics Using First Breaks
AppSync X  X  X  X  X  X 
SeisPos X  X  X  X     
P1Tools X    X       
SPSPro   X    X  X   
FBComp       X  X   
SEGYTools           X 

Choose the right utilities for your survey

Preplot Postplot Geodetic Data Extraction Integrity & Format Checking Data Visualisation File Management File Inspection
SeisPos     X  X  X  X     
P1Tools X  X  X  X  X  X  X   
SPSPro   X    X  X  X  X   
SurvUtil     X           
SeisBin         X  X     
Px11Utils       X  X  X    X 

AppSync provides a platform to enable you to set up your project folders and run all FGPS applications from one area.


AppSync allows you to set up all your project folders and run the software from one shell application. To do this download and install AppSync and follow the instructions below:

1. File | New Project
2. Enter the project name e.g. Project_Name.
3. Select the project type
4. Enter or select the project folder. This will be the master folder for everything in that project. E.g. c:\Project_Name.
5. Click Create Project Files.
6. File | Save Project.
7. Start the programme you want from AppSync.

SeisPos is a fully comprehensive processing and QC package for marine 2D and 3D navigation data recorded in the industry standard OGP P2 format.

icon SeisPos datasheet

Processing of raw navigation data for streamer surveys from OGP P2 raw data format to OGP P1/90 or SPS final data format.

Builds a proprietary database of network and observations from raw data.
Performs automated format checking and data integrity checks.

Auto-precondition and interactive time series.
Despiking, editing, filtering, interpolation/extrapolation and de-skew to shot event.
Dynamically displays detailed statistical data for each observation.
Combines with network display to show effect on network of rejected/missing data.
Display rate of change plots, delta, polynomial delta, comparison plots.
FGPS - SeisPos: Precondition FGPS - SeisPos: Precondition Click to enlarge.

Provides interactive database of all header and event data.
Supports data editing.
Supports export of data in Microsoft Excel compatible format (csv).

Network Adjustment
Multi-vessel, multi-streamer.
Fully integrated weighted least squares solution.
Dynamic graphics.
Allows multiple network/sub-network configurations.
User configurable Delft method statistical testing and automatic rejection/weighting.
Least squares solution for streamer rotations and stretch.
Staged configurable output of all positioning and QC data.
Produces full QC statistics.
FGPS - SeisPos: Network Adjustment FGPS - SeisPos: Network Adjustment Click to enlarge.

Outputs user configurable positioning data in industry standard OGP P1/90 format and Shell Processing Support (SPS) format.
Header from file or internally generated.

Interactive time series plots of all adjustment QC data:
Adjustment unit variance, redundancy and number of iterations.
Observation value, residual, normalised residual, MDE and SD.
Node position, error ellipse and external reliability.
Streamer rotation, stretch and feather.
Shot distance, time interval, vessel speed and CMG.

Comprehensive and detailed logging of all processes.
Warning and error log.
Trend analysis.
Multi-project support.
Multi-threaded environment.
Customisable plot configuration and printing.

P1Tools provides all aspects of quality appraisal of final marine 2D and 3D positioning data recorded in the industry standard OGP P1 format. This package includes a suite of utilities including preplot and coordinate conversions.

icon P1Tools datasheet

Processing of raw navigation data for streamer surveys from OGP P2 raw data format to OGP P1/90 or SPS final data format.
Quality Control Modules

QC Offsets
Allows user specified configuration to compare any node positions.
Export results in Microsoft Excel compatible format.
Interactive time series plots of radial, inline and crossline components of node ranges.
Performs dataset integrity checks, providing details of exceptions.
Performs format compliance checking.

QC Nodes
Allows user specified configuration of selected records
. Export results in Microsoft Excel compatible format.
Interactive time series plots of radial, inline and crossline components of shot-to-shot node movement, water depth and streamer depths.

Compares two P1 datasets. Allows user-specified configuration of selected records for comparison.
Export results in Microsoft Excel compatible format.
Interactive time series plots of radial, inline and crossline components of node differences.

Trend Analysis and Statistical Testing
Enables user defined configuration of time series plots of all line-by-line data as configured in the QC Offsets, QC Nodes and Compare modules.
Enables user defined configuration of statistical tests based on the above data, producing reports to flag failures.

Interactive graphical replay of P1.
Supports on screen measurements.
Displays vessel, active source, receiver groups, tailbuoys.
Displays grid, survey line and waypoints.

Streamer Shape
User defined configuration: select streamers, shots, labels.
Optionally rotate streamers for clarity.
Zooming and scaling functions.


Exports data from P1 in Microsoft Excel compatible format.
User specifiable record and record attribute configuration of data to export.
P1 decimation.
Specifiable SP inclusive or exclusive range and interval.

Coordinate Conversions
Currently supports 7 parameter datum transformations.
Currently supports TM, RSO and NZMG projections.
Multiple files.
Parameters from P1 header.
From and To parameters can be edited.

Interactive design.

Convert P1 to DXF file.
Any record type(s) can be selected.
Fully customisable.

Depth Corrections
Tidal reductions/corrections.
Depth replacement.
Tidal datum corrections.

Line Intersection Computation
Text and Omega formatted output.

Definable SP range.

SPSPro is an interactive tool for analysing and checking all aspects of land and OBC positioning data recorded in Shell Processing Support format

icon SPSPro datasheet

Shell Processing Support format (SPS) data QC and receiver coordinate computation.
Record integrity checking.
Mapping of source and receiver positions by type and index.
Interactive mapping of active spread.
Replay acquisition.
Mapping of source and receiver attributes (static correction, point depth, seismic datum, uphole time, water depth and surface elevation).
File comparisons, mapped and time series.
Time series plots of source and receiver lines for all point attributes.
Interactive output of source and receiver data to csv file.
Data management.
Receiver coordinate computation using acoustics or first breaks.

FBComp is an application used to compute receiver group coordinates using first break picks and/or acoustic data, primarily for OBS Surveys.

icon FBComp datasheet

Computation of OBC survey receiver group coordinates using any combination of acoustic ranges, bearings, USBL X and Y, constrained receiver positions (e.g. from GPS) and first breaks.

SEGYTools is a quality control and utility program for data recorded in the SEG-Y format.

icon SEGYTools datasheet

Quality control and fist break picking for data recorded in the SEG-Y format.

Text Header
View the text header.

Binary Header
View the binary header.

Trace Header
View and edit the trace header. Add and delete fields. Edit existing fields for description, byte location, length and data type. Diaplay all trace header values for selected trace.

Trace data
View raw and filtered values for selected trace.

Trace Plot
Standard display options including scaling and zooming.
Trace sorting by up to 10 header fields.
Up to three simultaneous bandpass filters.
First break pick parameterisation and display.
Overlay of imported picks.

Export first break picks.
Export to SPS.

Import first break picks for overlay and comparison.

Graph comparison of computed and imported picks.

SurvUtil is a geodetic and survey utilities package based on the European Petroleum Survey Group (EPSG) database.

icon SurvUtil datasheet

Geodetic and survey utilities package based on the European Petroleum Survey Group (EPSG) database.
Geographical <> Cartesian coordinate transformations.
Geographical <> Grid coordinate transformations.
Cartesian <> Grid coordinate transformations.
Batch coordinate conversions.
Grid convergence and scale.
Geodetic forward.
Geodetic reverse.

Px11Utils is a utility programme for format checking and record inspection of data recorded in the OGP P2/11 and P1/11 and P6/11 formats. It also includes a utility to convert UKOOA P2/94 and P1/90 files to the corresponding OGP format.

icon Px11Utils datasheet


The application comes in Pro and Lite versions, as detailed in the table below. The Lite version is free but limited to processing a maximum of 10 shots per file. Please enquire about licensing for the Pro version.


Format check - Px11 X X
File Inspection - Px11 X X
File Conversion - P2/94 to P2/11 X X
File Conversion - P1/90 to P1/11 X X
File Conversion - batch mode X
Format check - UKOOA X
Summary Report - Px11 X
Smart File Search - Px11 X
Smart File Edit - Px11 X
Unlimited shots in all features X

Main Window
Provides a quick parsing function for single lines from a P1/11, P2/11 or P6/11 file, and launch buttons for the other modules.

Format Check
Performs comprehensive integrity checking of P1/11, P2/11 or P6/11 data files, and optionally UKOOA P2/94 and P1/90 files.

File View
Provides instant decoding of any selected line from a P1/11, P2/11 or P6/11 file.

Converts legacy data from UKOOA P2/94 to OGP P2/11 format, or UKOOA P1/90 to OGP P1/11 format. Batch mode allows conversion of multiple files at a time.

Summary Report
Inspects the header of one or more P1/11, P2/11 or P6/11 files to create a summary of the file contents. The report includes general information, a configuration summary, full CRS details, and a network diagram.

Smart File Search
Allows searching through a list of P1/11, P2/11 or P6/11 files to find those whose contents match certain criteria. The criteria include number of vessels, number of sources, and number of streamers.

Smart Edit
Allows editing of OBJREF and OBSID in one or more P1/11, P2/11 or P6/11 files.

FGPS Databases

description downloads

The FGPS Databases provide sets of data that may be used to provide additional functionality for FGPS products, and can be installed in a common location.


The Following databases are available.

  • EPSG Database: implemented in SeisPos and P1Tools
  • Magnetic model coefficient files: implemented in SeisPos
  • Maps Database: coastlines from NOAA, used in P1Tools
  • Nadcon difference files: used for NAD 27 ó NAD 83 datum transformations

All the databases can be downloaded together using the common installer, or individually as required.

FGPS Floating Licence Server

description downloads

The FGPS Floating Licence Server is used to share licences between users on a network. Special terms apply.

Full Setup